Karaiskakio Foundation is a nonprofit organization initially established with the sole purpose of organizing a volunteer bone marrow donor registry. Today by setting a dynamic vision “for a world without leukemia”, it combines volunteering and specialized scientific support, in order to serve the needs of patients with haematological malignancies both effectively and efficiently.

The Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry, is a member of the international registry (BMDW) giving the opportunity to volunteer donors from Cyprus to help any patient in the world in need of bone marrow transplantation.  The Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry is accredited by theWorld Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) since 2008.



Bone marrow transplantation is a treatment option for somepeople suffering from life-threatening blood or immune system diseases. It can also be a treatment option for a number of hereditary hematological disorders like thalassemia.

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Every year thousands of people, including many children, are diagnosed with haematological malignancies such as leukemia, lymphoma and other hereditary hematological disorders. Some of these patients may be treated with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy without the need for any further treatment.

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The Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry was created and operates with the aim of facilitating the process of finding matching donors for patients with leukemia or other hematologic malignancies and related diseases. The most appropriate time for a doctor to contact the Karaiskakio Foundation is when the patient’s diagnosis has been verified and it has been decided that at some point in the patient’s treatment there will be a need for bone marrow transplantation.

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