The Public cord blood registry announces the successful completion of its programme of donated units for public storage. Due to the rapid development of new technologies and protocols such as haplo transplants, umbilical cord blood is not a preferred source of hematopoietic stem cells for transplantation purposes anymore. After 15 years of operation and with the storage of more than 4500 umbilical cord blood uniys, the public cord blood registry has statistically exceeded the maximum percentage necessary for the population of Cyprus.

All existing donated cryopreserved grafts (cord blood units) are still available for any patient who is in need for a transplantation, however new applicants for public storage are no longer accepted.

The registry will accept only applications for directed or autologous donation for patients (with the relevant medical report supported) where there is a clear indication for transplantation with hematopoietic cells as per the bibliography.

We would like to thank all our collaborators, physicians and donating parents for their valuable contribution throughout these years; our goals are achieved because of their kind support.