As a nonprofit organization, Karaiskakio Foundation is depended on the love and altruism of people. Volunteers are as equally important as the Foundation’s employees, as they can be occupied in many functions and activities of the Foundation and cover basic needs that could be met only by professionals. Depending on the obligations that arise in each case, they can be activated spontaneously and at no cost, without any personal benefit solely for the purpose of solidarity. Also, apart from cases of emergency where the Foundation may request the assistance of volunteers, there are activities where each person can volunteer to have a constant presence according to the time they may have available. Volunteers are very precious to the Foundation since their valuable assistance can contribute substantially to the continuation of its scope and achievement of its objectives.


By completing the form below you are expressing your interest in volunteering for Karaiskakio Foundation. The information you provide is very useful in identifying both your availability and your skills in relation to the activities of the Foundation. Our goal is for you to participate in activities you enjoy and that are best suited to your personality and skill set. The more details you provide the better since it will help us to get to know you.


If you are interested to become a volunteer, please contact us.