The Karaiskakio Foundation as a nonprofit organization has recorded a remarkable presence in both the humanitarian and scientific fields in Cyprus and has evolved into an internationally recognized Bone Marrow Donors Registry that represents the biggest per capita Donor Registry worldwide. An important objective of the Foundation is the constant and reliable scientific support of patients with haematological malignancies and other related diseases, creating a relationship of shared trust and cooperation based on mutual respect and altruism.

The Foundation actively pursues research and development aiming at constantly upgrading and expanding its scientific base and services, introducing new technology and scientific knowledge. This is achieved through close cooperation with collaborators both in Cyprus and abroad.

The ambitious work of Karaiskakio Foundation would not have become a reality without for the continued support of the government and major donors and benefactors, as well as the selfless involvement and participation of the volunteer bone marrow donors.

Setting a dynamic vision «for a world without leukemia», the greatest challenge for Karaiskakio Foundation is to create a modern Regional Paramedical Centre of Excellence, which will provide specialized laboratory support to patients with leukemia, covering the areas of diagnosis, disease monitoring and finding donors for transplantation.

Through “Partnership for Life” the social network collaboration, the Foundation invites both the business world and all other organized social groups, to contribute each one in its own way, towards strengthening its objectives and social work, by adopting the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in their strategy and action.

In addition to the scientific support to patients, Karaiskakio Foundation promises that it will always maintain an open, warm, efficient and promising approach, offering services worthy of the expectations of those in need, by pursuing its vision … “for a world without leukemia”!
Dr. Popi Nicolaidou Kanari